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Einat Gilboa is a singer, composer and dancer from Israel. Since 2002, she has been cultivating a holistic approach to music, teaching and practicing whole body expression through song and prayer in relationship with the natural world. She is strongly influenced by the ancient Hebrew tradition, the music of India, the Mediterranean and South America. Einat is a master of the shamanic art of overtone singing. She is a teacher of voice and movement, and specialized in working with women to teach conscious use of voice, song and melody as a gateway between our inner and outer worlds, cultivating attunement, connection and inspiration. 


Einat graduated from the School of Visual Art in Jerusalem in 2002, with a focus on visual theater and voice work. For nearly 20 years, Einat has been collaborating with her partner, Gerhard Fankhauser, performing together as well as guiding workshops and retreats in Israel, Europe and the US.  She has participated in various projects focused on healing world music, including peace concert tours and festivals. Since 2008 she has collaborated with Geoffrey Hoppe, Linda Benyo & the Crimson Circle (USA), facilitating music and teachings at their live events. 

Since 2015, Einat has been studying with Carmen Vicente, a spiritual leader from the high Andes.

She is the Drum Chief of the Dance of the Spirits in Israel and a member of the international Orchestra of the Continents, which supports Carmen's work across the globe.  

2006:  "Fatamorgana"

2008:  "I am that I am"  with Yoham-Project

2012:  "Dance of life"  with Yoham-Project

2013:  "Mystic Traveler"

2014:  "Sky Below"  with Yoham-Project

2019:  "Samadhi Station"

2021:  "Tfilat Isha"  woman prayer (single)

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