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Gerhard & Einat have dedicated their life journey to working with music as a tool

for self-attunement and awareness. 

They have been performing and teaching on international stages for over 20 years, sharing their passion for the timeless mysteries of music and the ways in which it cultivates consciousness and harmony in our lives. 

Beyond the music, Einat & Gerhard are carrying a message of peace and their harmony in their journey as a couple, as man and woman. 


Their music is an authentic and heartfelt expression of their global consciousness integrating musical elements from various styles and regions including classical Indian music, the ancient Hebrew language, traditional Mongolian overtone singing, Tibetian bowls and chants as well as melodic inspiration from Brazil and the Andes. In their songs and compositions, Einat and Gerhard express their love of nature, the mystery of life imbued with spirit.

Over the years, Einat and Gerhard have collaborated with spiritual

teachers from the East and West, supporting and facilitating musical ceremonies and inspiring consciousness, initiating and participating in peace projects as well as providing a transformative, authentic space through concerts, classes, workshops and retreats.


Gerhard & Einat have performed,. taught and toured in Austria, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, France, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Egypt, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.


Published albums:


2006   'Fatamorgana'

2008   'I am that I am' - with Yoham-Project & The Crimson Circle

2012    'Dance of life' -  with Yoham-Project & The Crimson Circle

2013   'Mystic Traveler'

2014   'Sky Below' - with Yoham-Project & The Crimson Cirlcle

2019   'Samadhi Station'

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