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Gerhard Fankauser is a masterful musician, composer, writer and teacher from Austria.

He is an accomplished guitarist and virtuoso on the Spanish lute (lauta),  as well as a master

in the art of overtone singing.


Gerhard has lived and traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and America. 

He has studied and integrated musical styles from various traditions, including the music of India, South America and the Middle East. 


His musical path is one of a troubadour and mystic. His encounters with Yogis, Sufis and Shamans have opened him up to the timeless  mysteries of music

and paved the way for his own healing music path.


For the past 25 years, he has performed and taught across the globe,

recording and producing CDs and guiding workshops and retreats.

Since 2008, he has been working in collaboration with Geoffrey Hoppe,

Linda Benyo & the Crimson Circle (USA) and facilitating music at their live events. 


Published albums: 

1996:   'Sita Ram' with Shani Ben Canar

1998:   'Seven Spheres'

2001:   'Rivertales'

2002:   'Mandala' with Sheer Sofer

2006:   'Fatamorgana' with Einat Gilboa

2008:   'I am that I am' (Yoham-Project)

2012:   'Dance of life'  (Yoham-Project)

2013:   'Mystic Traveler' with Einat Gilboa 

2014:   'Sky Below' (Yoham-Project)

2018:   'Road to freedom' 

2019:   'Samadhi Station' with Einat Gilboa

Published books:

2009: "Music, Harmony & Healing"

2017: "URFAN a journey to the secret Mystery School" 

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