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New Single Release – Einat Gilboa

Tfilat Isha (Woman Prayer) by Einat Gilboa

I’m thrilled to share this song with you and the world. It has been elegantly produced by Tom Sharfshtein, my beloved friend and partner in the production of “Native Prayer”.

I created “Tfilat Isha” over 7 years ago and have sung it on many occasions, in circles and concerts. It has found its way to the singing circles of many friends, allowing its beauty to resonate throughout. And yet, until now, the song has not been recorded.

I am thrilled to share this single with you because it is also the first tangible outcome of my upcoming project and EP entitled “Woman Prayer”.

This EP is the fruit of this past year’s creations, but it is so much more than that. It is the result of research, ceremonies and the delicate work that so many of us are doing in the field of women and men living together in community, as well as the place of women in community and the specific tools given to us by our natural world and unique feminine cycles.

Music Can Make The Difference!

I feel deeply that this is the time to shine our light, to share our passion and roar out our prayers and longings.

I truly hope that you will love this song. As a special note to our many non-Hebrew speaking listeners: I believe wholeheartedly that even without knowing the language, you can dive into this piece and fully experience the essence of its sounds and words.


I love you all and honor the opportunity to share this song with you.


“Tfilat Isha” is available on all major music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube, or any other platform of your choice. It is also available for download and streaming, and can be purchased directly from the Music page on our website.

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