Music for us is a universal language of the heart

and a bridge between different people, cultures and traditions.


In those extraordinary times we live in, 

we feel blessed to walk on that path of music

and consciousness and share a message of harmony 

as artists and world citizens, as a couple, as man and woman.

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  New release of Einat

   Tfilat Isha - Woman Prayer by Einat Gilboa

  This is the first single released from the new upcoming album of Einat. It's a powerful prayer song in Hebrew, a woman prayer for peace.

Shamans of Sound

I’ve been working in the field of music for healing, mediation and integration most of my life and was fortunate to cooperate with Shamans from East and West, taking part in ancient and new ways of healing through music and sound.

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Duo concert,14th July

In this intimate concert Gerhard & Einat are sharing their music and spirit in a very personal way. They are playing and presenting a new program with a lot of songs from the last year that are currently recorded and produced in the studio.

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Our story is one of music and love; a journey from the mountains of Austria to the ancient temples of India and the deserts of the Middle East, from the Rocky Mountains to the rainforests of

South America and the eternal beauty of Hawaii. 


It is the story of a love bigger than the differences of culture and nationality and the musical expression of this harmony, 

the timeless dance between man and woman, earth and sky. 


We met in India in 1999 and embarked on a magical journey

that included the healing of our own ancestral past with our

family roots in Israel and Austria. 


This journey led us into cooperations with inspiring masters from East and West, performing in events and festivals, supporting, assisting and facilitating musical ceremonies, initiating and taking part in peace projects and sharing our music, workshops & retreats with an amazing global family of people.


It brought us to tour with our music in so many magical places

around the world. We became world travelers and messengers of music as a bridge between different worlds and cultures, as a universal language of the soul.               Gerhard & Einat



In our concerts, workshops and retreats we invite you into an inspiring and transformative space of music and to experience its timeless mystery.

Since 20 years we've been guiding workshops and classes and developing unique ways and experiences of
self - attunement and awareness through music.

We work with breathing, conscious listening, toning, singing,
movement and dance, and share with you a heartfelt and profound
way of tuning into a vibration of harmony. 

By opening the resonance of our body and voice we are not only freeing our expression but freeing ourselves, opening new potentials and expanding with our whole being. Music helps us to bring ourselves back into wholeness,
to relax into a state of pure being and presence.
Within the realms of the music we naturally allow healing and integration; tuning into the magical symphony of life.

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" Music is a gate into the
timeless mysteries
of harmony "



We are living in challenging times and have to deal
with a very fast pace of life and an overload of information.

Music is medicine for body, mind and soul and provides
a space for relaxation, rejuvenation and healing.

Music is a universal temple; a sacred space to get in touch with your purpose,
the song of your soul, to tune into the essence of
your being and allow yourself to be it,
resonate with it and manifest it in your life.

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Expand with your consciousness
Transform negative energies and emotions
Tune into your purpose and passion
Create a new reality of your life.

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