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 For us, music is a universal language of the heart,

 a bridge between different people, cultures and traditions.


In these extraordinary times in which we live

We feel blessed to walk the path of music and consciousness

And share a message of harmony, 

As artists and citizens of this world, as a couple, as man and woman.

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Healing Music

Our story is one of music and love, a journey from the mountains of Austria to the ancient temples of India and the deserts of the Middle East, from the Rocky Mountains to the rainforests of 

South America and the eternal beauty of Hawaii. 

It is the story of a love that transcends the differences of culture and nationality, the timeless dance between man and woman, earth and sky.  

We met in India in 1999 and since then have shared a path of music, healing and growth in so many ways, bridging our own cultural differences and ancestral history with family roots in Israel and Austria. 


This journey led us to develop and cultivate our unique projects, which we named ‘healing world music’, and to perform, teach and tour in many magical places in this world, in the past 15 years. 

It brought us to collaborations with inspiring masters from the East and West; supporting, assisting and facilitating musical ceremonies, initiating and taking part in peace projects, and sharing our music, workshops & retreats with an amazing global family of people.


In those extraordinary times in which we live, we feel blessed to walk the path of music and consciousness and share a message of harmony, as artists and citizens of the world, as a couple, and as man and woman.

Tuning into Harmony - online class with Gerhard & Einat